From Meyrueis to the summit of Mont Aigoual.

From Meyrueis to the summit of Mont Aigoual.

Agriculture and livestock farming
Architecture and village
Fauna and flora
History and culture
Water and geology
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Two days of hiking from Meyrueis – a market town located between the Causses plateaux and the Aigoual massif – will take you to the top of Mont Aigoual, where the Mediterranean and Atlantic weather systems meet and where there are extraordinary views over the Cévennes and from the Alps to the Pyrénées.
You leave Meyrueis, a market town built at the confluence of three rivers, to immerse yourself in a beech forest with some rather crooked trees that alternates with upland grasslands. As well as the vista from the summit, this hike also offers panoramic views onto the Causses plateaux and the Brèze and Béthuzon valleys.

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  • History


    Cabrillac was located at the crossroads of the grande draille d'Aubrac (Aubrac drovers’ road) and the road from Meyrueis to Florac and St Jean du Gard. The village had about a hundred inhabitants in the 20th century and was an important and inevitable place of transit. Two fairs were held every year: one during the migration to the summer pastures in May; the other in September, during the return. For some shepherds, this was the occasion to sell the lambs that had spent the summer on the Aubrac plateau.
  • Agriculture

    The Aubrac drovers’ road

    From Cabrillac, we follow the Aubrac drovers’ road, which started near Ganges (Hérault) to lead flocks onto the Aubrac pastures, a distance of 110 km. If you climb to the top of Mont Aigoual (2 hrs), you can visit the meteorological observatory and meet transhumant flocks. Be careful of the patous (livestock guardians).
  • Flora

    Summit of Mont Aigoual

    At an altitude of 1,565 m, the climate is harsh: weather conditions are the same as they would be at 2,000 m elsewhere, with only four “frost-free” months a year. Winds of above 60 kph blow on 265 days a year, and the average annual temperature is 4.8°C. Trees do not have enough time to complete their life cycle. Local plant formations are those of the montane zone: subalpine short-grass prairies.

  • Archaeology

    Archeosmart (Marc Limousin)

    Smartphone imprints appear on the rocks: fossils of the present that will become mysterious in the future. This carved stone, like the cup-shaped marks and other rock art of the region, discloses history revealed in matter and resonates with Malraux’s phrase: “The future is a present given to us by the past”.
  • Natural environment

    Pôle Nature 4 Saisons

    The Pôle Nature 4 Saisons of the Aigoual massif offers outdoor activities in all seasons in the central zone of the Cévennes National Park, overlooked by the legendary summit of Mont Aigoual (1,570 m). Discover our network of trails on foot, on horseback, by bike, or else by mountain-bike or with a donkey, as the fancy takes you!
    Children can explore the orienteering circuit or geocaching.
    For the sportier among you we have laid out trail running circuits!
    Prefer road biking? We have created circuits of varying difficulty levels so you can discover our villages and valleys.
    Try not to make any noise! Wildlife enthusiasts can spot mouflons and other animals.
    And if you would just like a gentle walk on the massif, the discovery trail “The cliffs of Mont Aigoual” is for you. There are various rest stops over its 4.5 km, with only 150 m in height difference.
    We look forward to seeing you on our paths.
  • Know-how

    On the Verge (Yoann Crépin)

    A doorway to a circuit of art within the natural environment.
    To fuse and interact with the environment and play with the seasons, time, light and weightlessness. To let humanity express itself through nature and nature express itself through humanity – a necessary interaction, a symbiotic interaction that inspires us to discover another world.


- Day 1: 19 km. Starting from Meyrueis, follow the GR®66 long-distance hiking trail to Cabrillac. At that hamlet, leave the GR®66 for the GR®60, which climbs to the top of Mont Aigoual via Le Plo du Four.
- Day 2: 16 km. From Mont Aigoual, head back down on the GR®6 to the Prat Peyrot resort, and, just before the Col de la Caumette pass, “Aux Fayards”, head right to Meyrueis, on the GR®6A.
  • Departure : Meyrueis
  • Arrival : Meyrueis
  • Towns crossed : Meyrueis, Gatuzières, Rousses, Bassurels, and Val-d'Aigoual


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Make sure your equipment is appropriate for the day’s weather conditions. Remember that the weather changes quickly in the mountains. Take enough water, wear sturdy shoes and put on a hat. Please close all gates and barriers behind you.

Caution: patous (livestock guard dogs)! Seek advice on how to behave near these dogs from tourist offices and National Park information centres.
Is in the midst of the park
The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.

Information desks

Tourism'house and national Parc at Florac

Place de l'ancienne gare, N106, 48400 Florac-trois-rivières

https://www.cevennes-gorges-du-tarn.cominfo@cevennes-parcnational.fr04 66 45 01 14

This office is part of the National Park's associated tourist-information network, whose mission is to provide information on, and raise awareness of, the sites and events as well as the rules that must be observed in the National Park's central zone.

On site:  exhibitions, video projections, events and shop Open year-round

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Place Sully

Bus line "Meyrueis-Millau" July and August
Daily year-round. Different timetables for term time or school holidays:
Line 215 Autocars Causse + 33 (0)6 65 61 24 16

Access and parking

Meyrueis, via the Jonte gorge on the RD 996.

Parking :

Champ de Mars or André Chamson car parks


Maison du tourisme et du Parc national, Florac
Parc national des Cévennes

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