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Pont de Montvert - Sud Mont Lozère


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Discover the Gourdouze valley with its remarkable views.
On this walk you encounter a variety of natural environments, from granite block fields to wetlands, from short-grass prairies to a broom heath with scattered gentian and forests of crooked beech trees. This is a pleasant path offering views over the open landscape onto the Gard Cévennes as well as multi-coloured scenes throughout the seasons.

3 points of interest

Le Mas de La Barque

Le Mas de La Barque was only a forester’s house at the end of the 20th century. From the 1960s onwards, it was frequented by children’s ski clubs and then by families from the Gard on the weekend. During the week, the association “Union pour l'Animation de la Grange” organised field trips, heritage classes and theme days open to all. A costly infrastructure was gradually built (buildings, ski lifts, snow canons), then partly demolished again. Today, as part of an overall programme of reclassifying the site, it has been developed for tourism (cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog-sledding, etc.) and is run by a semi-public company. The resort offers outdoor activities in summer as well as in winter. 
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Sphagnum moss

You will be crossing wetlands where sphagnum moss lives, whose colour ranges from yellowish green to blood-red. Without them, the role of peatbogs would be seriously compromised. Once dead, they constitute the mainstay of peat and limit the establishment of competitors. They function like sponges, retaining a great deal of water and asphyxiating the roots of other plants. Their presence is a sign that the peatland is in good health; it facilitates the growth of species of great heritage interest, such as the sundew, cranberry, bog-rosemary, etc. Unfortunately, these are fragile and sensitive to crushing, so please stay on the path and get off your bike.
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This technique consists of clearing weeds and shrubs using fire: the fire is utilised to get rid of broom, especially in places that a motorised shredder cannot access. Slash-and burn is carried out every 4 to 5 years in a zone chosen by the farmer. Over larger areas, it is supervised by the fire brigade. In the 19th century, 100,000 sheep migrated to summer pastures here (transhumance) and joined the plateau herds, leaving no room for broom. As soon as the meadows are no longer grazed, they are colonised by broom, then shrubs, then forest. These open spaces are due to human activity (clearing) to allow herds to graze on grass. Grazing prevents the spontaneous growth of shrubs and any generalised invasion of forest.
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Signposts will guide you all along this route. In the description below, the signposted place names and/or directions are given in bold italics between quotation marks:

From “Mas de la Barque”, make for “Les Écuries du Mas de la Barque”, then “Rochers de la Barque” 2x. Then head to “Les Faux des Armes”, “La Chassalde”.
Leave the track and turn left (GR®68) towards “La Jasse d'Olibou”, “Les Bouzèdes”.
Go back uphill to “Bouos d'Hommes”, “La Roche Fendue”, “Sous la roche Fendue” 2x, “Gardione” 2x, “Rochers de la Barque” 2x, “Les Écuries du Mas de la Barque”, “Mas de la Barque”.

This hike is taken from the guidebook Mont Lozère - Pays des sources, published by the Pôle de pleine nature du Mont Lozère.
Departure : Mas de la Barque
Arrival : Mas de la Barque
Towns crossed : Pont de Montvert - Sud Mont Lozère, Vialas

Altimetric profile


NB: This walk crosses rivers and brooks (difficult in times of flooding) as well as pastureland with herds (dogs must be kept on a leash). Do not attempt this walk in fog. Make sure your equipment is appropriate for the day’s weather conditions. Remember that the weather changes quickly in the mountains. Take enough water, wear sturdy shoes and put on a hat. Please close all gates and barriers behind you.
Is in the midst of the park
The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.

Information desks

Office de tourisme Des Cévennes au mont Lozère

le Quai, 48220 Le Pont de Montvert sud mont-Lozère

04 66 45 81 94

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Tourism'house and national parc, Génolhac

Place du Colombier, 30450 Génolhac

04 66 61 09 48

This office is part of the National Park's associated tourist-information network, whose mission is to provide information on, and raise awareness of, the sites and events as well as the rules that must be observed in the National Park's central zone.
Open from april to october

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Tourism office Des Cévennes au mont-Lozère, Vialas

48220 Vialas

04 66 45 81 94

This office is part of the National Park's associated tourist-information network, whose mission is to provide information on, and raise awareness of, the sites and events as well as the rules that must be observed in the National Park's central zone. Open July and August

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Access and parking

From Génolhac, take the D382 towards Villefort, then the D66 to Mas de la Barque.

Parking :

Car park at Mas de la Barque


CC des Cévennes au Mont Lozère
Parc national des Cévennes
Pôle pleine nature Mont Lozère

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